Thursday, September 10, 2009

Roseworth Lodge Open Day

Following substantial refurbishment Roseworth Lodge celebrated with an open afternoon. The staff had worked flat out to make sure that everyone and everything looked their best, there were some wonderful items to be auctioned, a raffle and the Mayor and Mayoress of Stockton were there to make the day for many of the residents. The only disappointment was that no social workers turned up to see the unit which offers stepdown/step up beds for residents of this borough, clients as the current jargon has it, who need that extra support from time to time. Although they do carry out the necessary visits to people who are in temporary residence to see how they're getting on, I thought they might have taken the opportunity to see the home in a different light with the community spirit which makes it such a welcoming place to people who are feeling vulnerable and poorly.
Back at the ranch, so's to speak, there were plenty of emails to sort through including the information that the week after next (21st Sept) work will start to put traffic lights at the entrance to Preston Park. Short term that will cause some problems but long term it should make it easier to control the traffic for big events.
There were other things too, including plans for a consultation on whether Stockton council should have an elected mayor, but that's too big an issue to tack on the end of a blog and needs a section on its own when I've digested all the documents.

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