Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Backing the loser!

It seems that I am not a natural supporter of either of the front runners for the Labour leadership. The VoteMatch site quiz tells me that I'm closer to Diane Abbott than any of the others. Though perhaps I'm really closer to Andy Burnham who didn't manage to get his answers in on time! Whatever, it's far more interesting than the constant Milliband Brothers show which seems to be the standard fare on most of the media.
Meanwhile the local press has managed some rather fanciful stories on what the Protect Preston Park group are hoping to see in the Park. Vague hopes have become definite plans but they do make good reading! The sooner that Stockton Council makes a decision to move away from silly plans for building in Preston Park the sooner we can concentrate on some of the important things in the borough - like how to make sure that Egglescliffe school gets a suitable building and Ingleby Barwick gets more secondary school places nearer to the children who need them.

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