Saturday, August 28, 2010

Planning matters

We heard today that the Planning inspector has refused the appeal against Stockton Council's refusal of permission for further development of 15 Station Rd, including a retrospective application to add 2nd floor living accommodation to the first floor flat. The inspector considered that the proposals would "detract in a significant way from the character and appearance of the building and the Eaglescliffe Conservation Area". What a pity that Stockton Council's planning officers didn't say that about all the previous alterations! At least one can hope that no further developments will take place on it.
I'd like to see the promised landscaping at Hughenden, on the corner of Yarm Rd & Station Rd, but I sometimes wonder if I'll live long enough. There's something seriously wrong with our planning system when a developer can just ignore planning conditions and yet sell or rent out the property with impunity. I'm looking forward to the publication later in the year of the Localism bill which we're promised will give powers back to the local council. How brave will the new government be? I'd love to be able to sit on a planning committee knowing that we can make our own decisions without worrying about the cost of an appeal but I doubt if that will happen.


Anonymous said...

Where is the first part of your blog post referring to?

Maureen Rigg said...

Whoops sorry - edited now. The site is 15 Station Rd