Sunday, August 29, 2010

Take to The Tees

The Take to the Tees event peaked today with the first ever River Rat Race. 750 competitors ran, swam, kayaked, splodged through mud and other joyous activities.
The wind was strong enough to cause concern over the tents and marquees erected along the riverside but the Council's events team was keeping a close eye on things and no insurmountable problems seemed to arise. Certainly the families enjoying the spectacle didn't seem to find the weather a deterrent. It was good to see so many people there. This was a complete departure from the Summer show which usually takes place in Preston Park and it'll be interesting to see how the evaluation reads. Will we go back to the traditional event in the Park next year when the events field drainage has settled or will people prefer this new format? Only time will tell.
One thing's for sure - I doubt if there will be many years when the competitors in the Rat Race include both the Mayor and the Leader of the Council! Well done to both of them. It takes Civic Leadership to a new level!
Our river is an amazing asset and one we do well to promote. Tour companies please note - Stockton is well worth visiting.
The next big event will be the Fireworks on Nov 5th, again by the river. Be there!
Amongst the various exhibitors was the RSPB, promoting their campaign to convince government ministers that cutting funding for projects to protect wildlife is a very shortsighted approach to money saving. I signed the petition and I hope you will too. I also hope that the emphasis on growing the Green economy will help biodiversity in the long term - if we are polluting less we should be able to support more variety of wildlife. Meanwhile short term thinking needs to take account of the needs of our natural environment or there won't be a very good quality of life for our next generation to enjoy. I don't want the need for financial belt tightening to overshadow the need for us to preserve and enhance our "green and pleasant land."

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