Saturday, November 13, 2010

Planning Application for The Grange

The Grange on Urlay Nook Rd was a wonderful family house, much loved by the family which grew up there while my own children were growing up here.  The house itself is quite a landmark on the road out to the Airport though sadly for the wrong reasons now.  The new owner has let it go to wrack and ruin while applying for, and winning approval for, planning permission to knock it down and build higher density housing there.  Having gained the permission he still hasn't developed the site, instead putting it on the market and leaving the roof to disappear and the garden to turn into a wilderness.
Now we have been notified of a new application, this time for Town Houses.  Neighbouring residents have been notified and the architect is consulting before submitting a formal application to Stockton Council.  If you live near and haven't had a leaflet do get in touch and I'll get a copy to you.

I can see some possible advantages of this over the previously approved plans - not so dense, not so overbearing on the houses of Valley Gardens.  But there are some possible disadvantages - the fronts look very different to the present house and we worked hard to get the other plans to reflect the frontage of the present house, though not fully successfully.  There are question marks over the elevations other than the front and one or two other things.  If you've got thoughts let one of your ward councillors know.
As always, we won't make a binding judgement at this stage - planning committee is the place for that - but knowing what residents are thinking does help us to represent those views and contributes to forming our views.

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