Sunday, November 14, 2010

We will remember them

The Act of Remembrance in Stockton is a chance to remember those who have died in conflicts around the world since 1914 and an opportunity to resolve afresh to do our best to bring peace.  The simple act of silence introduced and ended by the lone bugler, short prayers and the laying of wreaths is held out of doors at the memorial.  The service that followed was held in the newly decorated and warm Parish Church.  The sermon was preached by Derek Rosamond and reminded us that the "peace" which followed the 2nd World War has actually resulted in only 26 days without a major conflict.  Millions have died in wars and millions more are left bereaved or injured in mind or body.  It's a sad indictment of our human race - greed, envy, dishonesty and more causing so much death and destruction.
In the midst of it, we pause for a few minutes on the Sunday nearest to Armistice Day and remember.  And then try to learn the lessons.

At the end of the service comes the parade when Stockton High Street is closed to through traffic for the short time it takes for representatives of the Armed Forces to march down the High Street, Standards flying, and salute the representatives of Queen and Borough.  

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