Sunday, November 07, 2010

Stealing Labour's Deal

An interesting situation seems to have arisen this week.  For years Lib Dems (and perhaps Tories for all I know) have complained that Labour took our ideas and regurgitated them as their policies. This week it seems perhaps the coalition has turned the tables.  Ian Duncan Smith said that peope who are unemployed long term will be expected to do 4 weeks of work experience as a way breaking the habits of unemployment.  Shrieks of outrage from some people including the Archbishop of Canterbury who believes that it will drive people into despair but from Labour - very little.  Why?  Because it was their policy anyway.  It's nothing new.  The Flexible New Deal involves, would you believe it, a 4 week stint of work experience.  So what I'd like to know is why, when Labour announced it last year there was no fuss but when the coalition announces it this year there are demonstrations and front page articles?  Media bias?  Selective amnesia?  Who knows - I certainly don't.

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