Saturday, December 04, 2010

The Importance of Teaching

This is the title of the new white paper on education published last month.  I'm just getting round to reading it, not because I'm not interested but because it's 95 pages long and I haven't had that much time.
At first sight it says a lot of good things - teaching should be a higher status job, schools should have freedom to innovate in order to find better ways of raising the achievement level of their students, a desire to decrease the achievement gap between rich and poor children. But there seem to be some gaps too.  There's a statement that good schools can become academies but they'll be required to support weaker schools.  But where's the policing or the enforcement?  Not in this paper as far as I can see.  Local Authorities are going to ensure there's a good supply of high quality school places but without control over schools or admissions policies how can that work?
There's going to be more freedom for schools and teachers over how what's taught and how, yet more information on attainment and standards and inspections which sounds like a lot more assessment and league tables by another name to me.
I'll continue to read it and see what else is in there but so far it's a bit of a disappointment - some good ideas but some very woolly thoughts too.
C+ so far Mr Gove - please do better.

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