Tuesday, December 28, 2010

What a difference 4 years makes

I can't help reflecting on the Boxing Day Test match of 4 years ago - my first visit to our elder daughter's new home and as a treat she'd bought tickets for the 3rd day of the Test match.  Sadly, the day was cut short by England's lamentable performance.  The shout from my neighbour in the stand to one of our fielders who'd missed what looked like a fairly easy catch if only he'd made the effort to get down to ground level "You're allowed to get your blouse dirty you know" summed up the feelings of the spectators.
This year it's the turn of the Australian supporters to feel demoralised, humiliated, frustrated, as their team only just managed to get to a 4th day of play in this hugely symbolic match. Are there parallels with political parties and general elections?  Some perhaps.  It does strike me that some sections of the media in particular think they can predict the results of an election in 4 years time from the results of this year's.  All I can say is, would they have predicted this Ashes series from the result of the previous one?

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