Sunday, April 03, 2011

Counting blessings

Mothering Sunday today (not Mothers' Day which takes place in the USA and various other countries around the world later in the year) was a wonderful opportunity to reflect on how lucky Denis and I are.  We could share the celebration at church together, take time to have coffee and sell Fairtrade goodies afterwards and then go out for lunch with both our mothers.  Not a lot of people our age can do that and we're very conscious of how fortunate we are.
To do that does now necessitate going to a very limited selection of places as we have to cope with 2 wheelchairs and various other problems but it's worth every bit of hassle.  The staff at The Horse & Jockey in Roseworth are wonderfully helpful and cheerful despite being rushed off their feet.  Service like that deserves recognition.
The day was made extra special for them by having phone calls from Australia.  Once again modern technology makes the world seem that bit smaller for a while. 

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