Monday, April 25, 2011

Not made your mind up yet?

If you're one of those still wondering whether to vote Yes or No in the referendum you might like to see Dan Snow's short video.  It's short and it's easy to follow.  And because Dan Snow is a very good TV presenter he tells it much better than I could write it!

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Steve said...

Except Dan is wrong. The Scottish and Welsh elections are done via Top up Lists, no AV involved at all. Mayoral elections are by supplementary vote, so you have a second choice, not 3rd, 4th, 5th etc.
Tory leader is by exhaustive ballot, so people can switch part way through not be committed until your choice goes out.
Also it isn't fairer except to the 3rd party (you), and any system is fairer to the 3rd party (you) than FPTP, but it can be less fair to the 2nd party. That is where the problem lies, a 1% difference in vote can mean opposition or government, that isn't really fair and AV can make that worse.

Also again you haven't made a comment over the fact that the majority of LibDem candidates come from just one area (Eaglescliffe). Also if AV is so great why just for Parliament, why not for councils too?