Friday, April 15, 2011

Save Our Cheque

Too busy last night to write about this splendid news.  Parliament's treasury committee is going to look again at the question of abolishing cheques, following huge public concern!  Well what a surprise.  It didn't seem to occur to the Payments Council that thousands of ordinary people send cheques to family members at Christmas and birthday time, nor that thousands if not millions of cheques are sent every year to charity appeals of one sort or another, nor that small businesses are often paid by cheque for jobs done or services provided.  Well done David Ward MP, Unite, Age UK, The Federation of Small Businesses and others.
And well done Alan Lewis for bringing a motion to Stockton Council expressing support for the campaign, Stephen Ede for raising it with readers of the local papers and Elliot Kennedy for spreading the word via the petition.  Public pressure combined with Lib Dems in Parliament and the subject is to be reconsidered.  Let's hope this time that common sense prevails.

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