Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Licensing application for Eagle Service Station continues to provoke comment and activity.  The agents for the applicant have written to people who made representations telling us that we've been given some misleading information but not telling us what.  There is now to be a drop in session apparently tomorrow evening to enable people to ask questions and make suggestions.  I've only found out from another resident - they might have rung me but they didn't leave a message.  So much for community consultation.

I have still not heard anyone in favour of granting this licence but we must see what the Licensing committee do.
Meanwhile this morning was all about Parish council work.  First of all Memorial Garden to decide on the position for the new flagpole to be erected in time for Armed Forces Week.  Then over to Amberley Way to discuss with the artist, an engineer and our link man and expert on all things to do with play equipment the best position for the play sculpture to be constructed.  That play area is such a success, it's just wonderful to see the children enjoying what they helped to design. The final stop was Kingsmead to look at some possibilities there for improving the play offer.  Some really imaginative thinking from SBC officers means it might be possible to have a huge improvement for relatively little money.  We shall see.
Later came the confirmation of the change of ownership of the shop in Station Rd.  Later this month it will cease to trade as Mills and reopen a week or two later as a Tesco One stop.  The inexorable rise of the supermarket chain!
Finally, a word for Mr or Mrs Anonymous who'd like something doing about cars & vans parking in cycle lanes.  We do try - we regularly report vehicles to the police and to parking enforcement officers.  If there's a particular stretch of cycle way or pavement that you have in mind please do email me and let me know the details.


Anonymous said...

The stretch of road in question is the A135 Yarm road from the Preston Farm Industrial Estate to the A67 Urlay Nook Road. The main road where I'm having to move out into traffic because the cycle lane is blocked by parked cars. Happened again last night whilst out with my teenage son. The driver was sat in his car so I shouted "your blocking the cycle lane" as we passed. Half a mile later on he passed me and his passenger felt it necessary to shout some wisecrack comment. This is the main route through and the place ccylists need the most protection, frankly until motorists are forced to obey the laws there is no way more people will be encouraged to cycle as they precieve it as dangerous.

Maureen Rigg said...

I'm going to request that SBC enforcement do extra patrols along there, because there are people who think it's more acceptable to park on the pavement or cycle way than on the bus lane, even when the bus lane isn't operational. I agree totally with your views on cycling and motorists. Can you give me your email address so I can copy you in to correspondence with them and you can see their responses rather than my having to post them all on here?