Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Stop please!

Fascinating though it has been to read the conversation which went on under comments on my last post I think the time has come to call a halt.  I don't generally block comments from people because I believe that as a politician I need to hear what's being said around the ward.  However, I do get tired of people who don't give a name. If there's a genuine complaint about somewhere or something then please email and let me know the details so that I can take it up with the relevant authorities.

Having your words taken literally or out of context goes with the job, but thanks to those who have written supportively.
For the record today's problems have revolved round empty houses which are left to go derelict and cause problems for the neighbours, HGV drivers ignoring the weight restriction on Urlay Nook Rd, grass being ruined by vehicles being parked on it or driven over it.  Not one of them has been solved but people have been contacted and action is being taken.  All in a day's work.

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Orchard resident said...

I see you are taking sides Maureen. You lost my vote.