Monday, May 16, 2011

Power Sharing

The long week of cross-party discussions in Stockton has ended in a coalition of Labour and Ingleby Barwick Independents.  Every party has been involved in conversations, trying to find agreement on the way forward for the borough.  For the Liberal Democrats it was important to find common ground on at least some of the issues facing us other than the big things we all agree on - keeping the borough safe, clean, well educated etc.  We were keen to ensure that the opportunities offered by the Localism Bill are embraced when the time comes, to get Fairtrade back onto the agenda because being a Fairtrade Borough isn't a certificate that's awarded and then nothing more needs to be done. 
We have no idea how the new cabinet will function nor how the efficiency reviews will work out but we will work as always to try to ensure that the borough comes through the recession and the cuts in the best possible shape for everyone.

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