Friday, September 29, 2006

Loads of meetings this week, including Western Area Transport Strategy. That was really interesting - the Engineers had done the costing on the projects we'd identified as priorities at the beginning of the summer. Sadly for the residents of the Park View estate their wish for a pedestrian refuge can't be achieved. The road would need to be widened and that would involve no less than 5 utility companies so the cost is estimated at £47,000+. Given that we only have £20000 to spend it ain't gonna happen!
More hopefully, we found that the feasibility study on safe pedestrian and cycle routes between Eaglescliffe and Yarm on the one hand and Ingleby Barwick on the other had been done more cheaply than anticipated. Two possible routes to Eaglescliffe were considered feasible, though none to Yarm except via Eaglescliffe and Yarm Road. Preston Parish council are implacably opposed to the building of a pedestrian and cycle bridge over the river, but the proposals will be the subject of a wide consultation in next year's budget.
The work to make the crossing of Central Street in Yarm a safer experience for pedestrians can be achieved quite cheaply, leaving plenty for signs to indicate a pedestrian route between Yarm High Street and Yarm Station.
Then came the interesting bit - what to spend the remaining money on? A traffic calming measure which has been requested by residents and consulted on could be achieved by using this money but the Preston PC chairman told us that the problem had gone away as the residents causing it had moved! We're left with enough to put dropped kerbs in on the pedestrian route to Yarm Station or to widen the footway in Newsam Rd for the benefit of children going to and from Egglescliffe Comprehensive, but not both. At the moment an e-mail vote is taking place - so far 2 votes for the Yarm scheme and no-one else has voted.

Yesterday the Children & Young People Select Committee heard what should be the final evidence in our scrutiny of Teen Pregnancy Strategy in the Borough - Strategy to cut the numbers not increase them! The PCT representatives told us that the Borough Council was funding a coordinator post which previously has been funded on time limited grants. We were really pleased to hear the news, because it would have almost certainly been one of our recommendations that the post be mainstreamed. However, today I was told that there's still disagreement over the funding because the Borough wants the PCT to share the cost. It sounds to me as though there's another bit of evidence gathering needed here! I'm cross because we could have been told that in advance if our link officer had come to our meetings. So much for the wonderful procedures that we have in place.

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