Saturday, September 09, 2006

The weekend again

On Friday John Fletcher and I had a meeting with two members of EPAG committtee to discuss the appeal. It was a useful and interesting session, combining John's practical experience of previous enquiries with EPAG's research into the documents being presented to the inspector. We are all a little better prepared for Tuesday now.
Focus 135 was printed on Friday and is starting to be delivered this weekend, so a flurry of e-mails and phone calls will probably result from that. I now need to complete the survey we want to do at the same time on Hunter's Green.
Last night was the Mayor's Ceilidh, a fund-raiser for her charity funds. The Fettlers were great and about 150 people thoroughly enjoyed themselves. The room beside the river was just right - big enough for dancing but not so big that people couldn't mix and talk to each other. Unfortunately when I got home there was a hand-delivered letter waiting for me which will necessitate some phone calls and enquiries once offices are open on Monday.

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