Saturday, September 02, 2006

Where did Summer go?

So it's September already - where did the summer go? Partly it went on holidays, partly on baby-sitting my wonderful granddaughter, and partly on work in the ward and the rest of the council.
Now that we're into autumn, the season of conferences is almost on us. That means lots of speeches by politicians of all parties trying to put across their policies to the electorate. But it also means that grass-roots politicians like councillors get a chance to mix with everyone from leaders to local activists from all over the country. A chance to recharge batteries in readiness for the next elections.
Meanwhile, before conference, there are still planning applications to be studied and commented on, casework to deal with, committees to attend and strategies to decide as well as Focus to write and surveys to do.
There is still much to do to try to resolve some of the problems around the conflict between the needs of young people who want somewhere to hang out with their friends talking or playing football and the needs of older residents for peace and undamaged gardens, fences and windows. Unfortunately, the Youth Service don't seem able to respond with the kind of support we think we need. We don't give up easily, though, and will keep on trying.
I can now report that John Hemming MP has joined in the debate on PPG3 on his blog, calling on Ruth Kelly to allow more autonomy for locally elected politicians in these decisions. Momentum for change is building.

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