Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Will he, won't he?

Last night's news and this morning's papers are full of stories about when Mr Blair will go - May 31st according to some, after a grand farewell tour of the country according to others. Of course, we've heard this all before - just with different dates. Although at one level it's interesting it's also a big distraction from all the important news, both local and national.
In Eaglescliffe we've news of a planning application for Riverside Lodge, this time for a leisure facility for small (up to 150cc) motorbikes and quad bikes. Having a nephew who races quad bikes means that I've been able to ask some questions about the noise likely to be generated and it seems as though they won't be an improvement on the bikes that have been using the site recently. Residents of nearby estates are already objecting.
Next week the public enquiry into the McCarthy and Stone planning appeal starts, so a large part of 3 days will be taken up by that. The agents for SBC haven't been in touch at all. Apparently they don't feel the need for the ward councillors to be witnesses. The objectors are planning to use at least one of us to give our local knowledge and views to the inspector, however. So there's much time to be spent on preparation over the next few days.

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