Thursday, June 28, 2007

By-Election Fun

Well, it's happened - Tony Blair has finally stood aside for Gordon Brown at the top of Government. But he couldn't stay and be just an ordinary MP, could he - not him. So we've now got the Sedgefield by-election coming up in 3 weeks. 19th July is E-day, with by-elections in Ealing South and Sedgefield on the same day. I thought that the most honest comment of all came yesterday from the man in Trimdon Labour club who said that at last Sedgefield would get an MP who had time to do some work in the constituency. Good luck to him or her - there'll be a lot of catching up to do I should think.
Back in the real world the rain has finally stopped but the effect of the flooding is still being felt. NWL hasn't responded to my questions but workers have been down in the field taking rubbish out of the sewer at that end of Seymour Crescent. A help perhaps to the developing nature reserve but not to the residents at the southern end of the road who still suffer problems at their manhole. A longterm campaign is looming I think to get the sewer replaced.
We're lucky to have some expert advice on tap in the form of a family member working in the same sort of field.
We've also got the small environmental improvement budget to sort out so work continues apace.

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