Tuesday, June 19, 2007

No Progress

First job was to report a problem with the car park at the local shops - potholes and flooding making it almost impassable to pedestrians last Friday. The owners of the shops are not noted for swift responses so I wasn't surprised to get no response today. Maybe later in the week!
Then an IT problem for a colleague who's been struggling for days with it. I couldn't solve that one either.
Next was a little light relief - the first meeting of the Fair Trade Borough Steering Group since the message that we've achieved the goals. The celebration is roughly mapped out now, and a meeting planned for July to finalise the details. It should be great fun.
The afternoon was more disappointing. NWL still haven't cleared up the mess from Friday and according to the resident who rang me they've claimed there isn't a problem. The Environment Agency is coming tomorrow to look into things. Meanwhile I've had a good look at the developing nature reserve and been given a stack of photos as evidence of the problem.
This evening's ward surgery didn't have any visitors so it was a chance to share the photos and stories from the day with my colleagues. So nothing solved but problems shared.
Tomorrow's a new day.

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