Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Today was the day for a "Tristar Walkabout" - a walk round the areas of the ward with Tristar housing in them, looking for any problems. It's been booked for ages, so of course this was the day the weather broke and reverted to November - cold, grey, wet. Never mind, accompanied by an officer from Tristar Homes and one from Care for Your Area John and I set off. Cracked pavements, wobbly manhole cover, damaged street signs, overhanging hedges, unofficial drop kerbs, potholes - all duly noted and reported for action. I'll choose a rather pleasanter day for the return visit to check on progress I think. Perhaps because the weather was so poor we didn't see many residents around, but normally these occasions are seized on by people to come out and chat about little things they wouldn't bother ringing up about.
Then it was back home to dry out and catch up on the post and numerous e-mails, to say nothing of filing. Changing from Chair of Children and Young People Select committee to Chair of Environment means getting rid of lots of background papers to past work and making space for new papers. The first review by the new committee will be of policies around Cemetery and Churchyard Memorials - a sensitive topic but one which has to be addressed. There are health and safety issues but also issues of what people consider appropriate. Interesting days ahead.

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