Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Fairtrade Fortnight approaches

Two really good meetings today - the sort that make a difference. (Two not so good ones as well but we'll gloss over them). The Fairtrade group met at lunch time and although we were missing a number of our usual members we had a fruitful run through what we've planned for Fairtrade Fortnight. The Town Centre management team have planned a fun Fairtrade event for Feb 22nd in the High Street. Then on Feb 29th the Fairtrade bus is coming through the borough and on 3rd March we have a banana producer from the Dominican Republic coming to visit. Lots of details to tidy up but it's exciting and positive.
This evening I went to the Youth Assembly and talked with them about Fairtrade. Again, quite a few missing but some genuine enthusiasm to be involved and offers of help at the events coming up. Also some good ideas about other things we might do to spread the message, so again an exciting an positive meeting.
Now I just have to re-read the papers for tomorrow's discussions on the budget!

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