Thursday, February 14, 2008

Good News Day

We heard today that the young man who was deported to DRC yesterday is safe with his family. Although nowhere in the DRC can really be described as safe for someone who sought asylum over here, that's a lot better than past experience had led us to fear.
So, no thanks to this Government, at least he's safe for the present.
This morning I had one of the regular monthly meetings which is often not very interesting and leaves me wondering why I bothered. Today's was different though - one item on the agenda sparked a discussion about the need for more trees in our town centres. They look good, provide shade in hot sun and absorb some of the pollution from the air. We decided that a meeting was needed quite urgently to make sure that tree planting is going to be incorporated into the town centre regeneration schemes that are underway. Given that it's something I've been asking for since first being on the council in 2003 I was very pleased to find others just as keen.
At the council's cabinet meeting this evening it was agreed to put a proposal to Council to start on the process of refurbishing the Forum, at long last recognising its importance and making sure it's of the standard needed for the coming decades.

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