Saturday, September 20, 2008

Harvest time

The good weather we had in Bournemouth seems to have followed us up here so today was in part a day to catch up on pruning the apple tree and harvesting its fruits. The crab apples are chopped and boiled ready to extract the juice and make apple mint jelly for the winter - one of the things I really love about autumn is preserving the harvest of the garden for the dark months ahead.
First, though, there was some work to be done - buying in some wines for our Fairtrade Wine Tasting evening on October 17th. It's at St John's Living Well in Stockton and tickets can be had for a minimum donation of £3 so if you live in Stockton please get a ticket and come along. In common with most areas of Stockton although it's very easy to use public transport before 7pm it's less easy for getting home afterwards.
However, the wine will be excellent and we'll be telling you where to buy more of the ones you like! You'll also have the rosy glow of knowing that the workers in the vineyards and the wineries aren't being exploited.

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