Thursday, September 25, 2008

Public Involvement

The morning started brightly with a very positive e-mail from a young person from whom I'd asked advice on behalf of one of our young residents. That was followed by an e-mail from a resident with some ideas for a solution to the parking problem for Headlam Terrace, which I've passed on to Stockton Council engineers to consider. It always makes me feel good when residents come up with positive suggestions about problems instead of just complaints. Working together we stand a chance of solving issues.
Tonight there was a public meeting for the people of Stockton to meet the Chief Constable of Cleveland and senior Stockton Police. It didn't get off to a good start when the advertising/invitations that went out had 2 different times on. So the police and some residents had arrived at 6 whereas councillors had been invited for 6.30. There was a good discussion of some of the problems around Stockton and a chance to have an input into where the priorities should lie next year. One point made strongly was that if this was supposed to be a public meeting it needs to be better advertised next year!

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