Sunday, September 28, 2008

Partnerships and Priorities

Far too much of today was spent sitting on not very comfortable chairs listening to people telling us how good their particular service is in Stockton. It was supposed to be about setting some priorities for our area but in fact was much more about hearing what was supposedly happening, and to be fair in lots of instances actually is happening. Then just when we were tired and wanting to get out into some fresh air we got to the bit about choosing priorities. Actually they're not priorities for action but for monitoring how well the council and its partners are doing in those matters. Being the "new kids on the block" in partnership terms of course the Western Area people didn't quite stick to the rules so we have set some priorities which we will be monitoring very closely. Residents of Eaglescliffe won't be surprised to know that positive activities for children and young people is one of them! And feeling good about the area is another which seems to us to cover absolutely everything that matters to people.
I managed to fit in a quick visit to hospital to seem my mother before heading to the Western
Area Partnership meeting at Long Newton. It's always good to go to the Wilson Centre and enjoy the hospitality there. It's a community centre which really is at the centre of its community. Several of us had spent the day at the other event so our brains were a little on the woolly side but we did manage some lively debate on employment in the area and various other issues. No major decisions though.

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