Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Planning Committee

The latest planning application for The Rookery was before the committee today. This one is to demolish the building and then build something which looks exactly like the plans that were approved last year. The reason for demolition is that the foundations of the present building are very poor quality, confirmed by an inspection by SBC's building inspector. That news was upsetting to many of us who've argued for preserving the original building while allowing some development around it.
A resident again drew our attention to the problems associated with parking for those who live in or visit the properties on Headlam Terrace, something which is almost certainly going to get worse when development takes place. A councillor from another ward queried the lack of a Section 106 payment towards play space in the area so the decision was deferred for another 3 weeks in order to look at that issue. Meanwhile I need to look into what can be done for Headlam Tce residents.
There was much more controversy over the application in Thornaby related to the football facilities in Teesdale Park. I remember going on the site visit for the original application and not being too convinced by the half promises of the developer. Unfortunately it seems that I was right to feel uneasy because no-one seems happy with what has gone on since then. We're now in the position after yesterday's majority decision where the football club doesn't seem to have any chance of being saved by the building of a new club house in time, the residents are devastated at the thought of the increase in traffic and loss of green space while the developer has a piece of land with planning permission for housing in the middle of a housing slump. Lose, lose, lose situation. It's a long time since I've seen residents leave a meeting so angry.

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