Sunday, July 05, 2009

Celebration Time

The first Sunday of the month means Fairtrade stall at the church coffee morning. We only manage once a month but there's now a group of regulars as well as those who pop in occasionally. It's almost impossible to predict what will sell on a particular day. Some months everyone seems to want coffee and biscuits. Other days it's chocolate or tea. This week several people wanted snacks to eat while travelling which wouldn't make their fingers sticky and wouldn't melt in the heat like chocolate - Paradise Fruit mix and Geobars to the rescue!
This evening was spent celebrating Fiona Hall's re-election as our MEP for the North East. We were blessed when the weather changed for the better shortly before people were due to arrive and we could barbecue and eat outside. Fiona called in for an hour between campaigning in Dormanstown and driving home to Northumberland. Fairtrade Cola and wine, along with locally produced sausages and assorted other foods and drinks made for a very convivial evening.

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