Friday, July 10, 2009

Elementis Update

The first meeting of the day was at Elementis in order to follow up some of the questions raised by its imminent closure. I went along not really expecting anything but wondering what the company would say. In the event I was pleasantly surprised at just how much they were prepared to say and to share with us, and also surprised at the amount of work which will go into shutting the plant down. They're talking of 3 years at least to be able to clean the site and shut down safely, so no "cowboy" operation here. As a chemist by training I'm impressed, as a ward councillor I'm highly relieved. There's also a commitment to helping the redundant staff to find new jobs. For some it might be the start of an exciting and interesting new career but for others it will be the start of a longer than expected retirement and for others perhaps a spell of unemployment or not very satisfactory employment while waiting for the jobs market to improve. I'd like to hope that no-one is unemployed but that might not be realistic in this economic climate.
Unfortunately the remaining meetings of the day weren't nearly so positive. Best not to say anything lest I say more than I should. Suffice to say that housing and me aren't getting on too well today.

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