Thursday, July 16, 2009

This morning delivering Focus in the Millfield area I stopped to chat with several residents out doing their gardens, all with one message - get it done before the rain! It made a change not to pick up any problems from people, maybe it's the sunshine effect. I did report one instance of obstructive car parking when I got home. Why people think it's OK to park on a pavement is beyond me, especially when leaving too small a gap for people with prams or wheelchairs to get through.
The rain did come this afternoon and "forced" me to sit in the car for 5 minutes listening to the end of an interesting item on the lunar landings of 40 years ago. I well remember deciding that I couldn't go without sleep entirely so went to bed late and set the alarm for 4a.m. in order to see the first moon walk. I was so excited and really thrilled that I managed to take some photos of the TV screen showing the walk. The grainy black and white prints are probably still in the loft somewhere.
This evening was the last meeting of Egglescliffe & Eaglescliffe Parish Council before the summer recess. For once there was some very robust debate around the table. Genuine concerns about the plans for St Margaret's play area and what should be included will only be finally resolved when the detailed plans are drawn up. Our neighbourhood police called in, bringing news of the latest crime statistics for the parish. Once again anti-social behaviour reports around Durham Lane shops is our biggest problem. Two months ago we were told that the link for a CCTV camera wasn't suitable but that it should be improved within a month or so. I'm following it up now to see whether we can install a temporary camera and try to nip this problem before it gets any worse.

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