Thursday, July 09, 2009

I had a meeting with fellow ward councillors, traffic officers and residents today at Aislaby to discuss possible solutions to the parking and speeding problems which the residents had identified at the Parish Meeting a few weeks ago. I say residents, but it was actually one resident and his dog, though he does chair the Parish meeting. Of course today there wasn't a parked car to be seen and the traffic through the village was very sedate. We did find out that a speed survey is already underway in response to concerns so when the results of that are known it'll be decided whether anything needs to be done.
Later, at cabinet, there was quite a discussion about whether or not the South of the Borough, including Eaglescliffe, should have more facilities for sport and active leisure with most people seeming to agree that yes, we should have more in an ideal world but there isn't any money and all the usual excuses. That's always followed by a reassurance that our concerns will be looked at. No doubt they'll then be put into a strategy and consulted on and by the time we've done all that we'll be past caring. Or am I being cynical?
Later still we discovered via the wonders of email that the process being used to make one of the most important and far reaching decisions the council will make this decade might have been fatally flawed. It's a good job the broadband cables don't react to the wrath of the councillors using them.
I need a holiday - a long one!

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