Sunday, December 13, 2009

Gaudete Sunday

Rejoice is the theme of church services today - look back and repent, look forward with hope. But even at church people wanted to talk about the Park and the school. Surely there are other places to build was the chorus. People who don't live in Eaglescliffe but use the park regularly for their leisure wanted to be sure it wasn't going to be spoilt. It takes a long time to explain over and over - time I could have spent on wrapping Christmas presents if only I'd had time to shop for any!
As I walked home in the early evening I was struck by how few festive lights there are outside houses on my route this year. Maybe because there's still almost 2 weeks till Christmas, but I had the feeling that they went up earlier in the past. Perhaps the credit crunch is having an impact or maybe it's people cutting their carbone footprint from choice or maybe it's just my imagination.
I heard the most bizarre story of climate chaos this morning - a friend tells me that her son, working on a cruise ship in the Caribbean for his first ever Christmas away from home, has had snow! The first in the memory of most people there - if that's not climate change what is?

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