Friday, December 18, 2009

The snow certainly slowed down traffic on Yarm Rd this morning. I'm told it was gritted last night but that there wasn't enough traffic on the road to mix the salt into the snow and melt it. Unfortunately the weight of things I had to carry meant that I couldn't use the bus so the car had to be used. I didn't see any sign of accidents so that was a relief.
The Christmas market looked very pretty with snow around and the sun sparkling on it but the sky was soon cloudy and threatening. Stall holders were cheerful despite a low footfall and things did seem to be picking up by noon when I'd finished my shopping. I found myself wishing I could stay and sample the hot food that was cooking - it smelled very appetising. The Jamaican food stall keeper also had his drum and was entertaining passers by as well as keeping an eye on his stall - great fun.
More domestic tasks this afternoon in preparation for Christmas, and only a few dozen comments on the Preston Park issue to deal with. I'm currently seeking clarification from Stockton Council officers of the true position on some of the claims being made by other parties. If they are right and we've been misled there'll be a huge row and that's not exactly the spirit of Christmas.
Meanwhile all 3 Eaglescliffe councillors will get on with responding to people's comments, passing on comments to the officers looking into the various suggested sites, and trying to counter misinformation.

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