Tuesday, December 22, 2009

More comments and complaints about gritting or the perception that there hasn't been any have led to a further statement from council officers giving us the exact time at which the gritters went along Yarm Rd on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
At long last the roads are starting to clear, but there is still a long way to go. A gritting lorry came down Carnoustie drive today - a secondary route owing to it having a school on it. The school is closed for Christmas otherwise the rock salt might have been ground in effectively by all the parental vehicles going to and from the school. As it is, very little traffic = very little effect.
Salt bins are now being refilled which is good news for those on difficult corners and hills.
And for a little light relief I went to the Christmas party at a care home today - festive lights, music, Santa, food and drink. I don't know who enjoyed it the most, the staff, the guests or the residents. Suffice to say that the Yule log disappeared very fast and the coffee gateau wasn't far behind.
And just for a change I picked up a couple of sheets of completed petitions from one of the local shops.

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