Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Good work men!

I walked back from posting letters in Yarm today (I do miss our post offices in Eaglescliffe) via Memorial Garden and St Margaret's.  Memorial Garden is looking really good - thanks to the workers from the Shaw Trust and despite the efforts of the local rabbit population to destroy the planting.  I'll take my camera tomorrow and put some photos on here.  I hope people do find it an improvement on Remembrance Sunday and for years to come.  I look forward to seeing it in summer.
The old, rotted adventure trail has come out of St Margaret's play area and the ground has been levelled.  Tomorrow the wooden train will be installed, giving another item for smaller children to play on.  Tree planting should happen in the next few weeks.  There will be more work to be done over the coming years in that area, but it's already proving popular.

The Parish council has had a small number of adverse comments about the play equipment provided.  If you've got comments do let us know.  We've had a number of positive comments too, and they have also been recorded.  As we set the budget for next year we want to make sure we learn from the experience of this year.
This afternoon the Recreation Committee of the Parish Council met to look at proposals for Amberley Way play area.  This is much smaller of course and is mainly used by children under 12 and we wanted that to be reflected in the choice of play equipment.  Five companies sent in designs, but only two were really thinking about the nature of the area and the age of the children.  Those two companies came up with some very interesting designs so after a great deal of discussion we've asked for some tweaks to one of them and then we'll put the two designs on display and ask the children and neighbours for their comments before making the final decision.  By next Easter we should have a revamped play area there. 
And all this is possible because residents of Egglescliffe Parish were willing to pay a few pounds a year on their council tax - thank you one and all.

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Andrew said...

I think the St Margaret's play area is a great development. It is a brilliant facility, which is much needed at that end of the town.