Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Green Waste Collections have stopped

Walking through the ward today I noticed a few houses had put out green waste sacks.  Sadly for them, the collections stopped for the winter last month.  Any green waste now has to be home composted, taken to the site at Haverton Hill for composting or as a last resort, put in the green wheelie bin.  The final dates were clearly laid out on the leaflet that came out in spring and they've been the subject of notices on the website and sent to the press, but there are alway a few people who don't keep the leaflet or have moved into the property over the summer. 
Collections will start again in the spring, but meanwhile if residents of the borough have any comments on the green sacks that were introduced this year I'd like to hear them.  The enviromment committee will be trying to assess their use in readiness for next year's season.

If you have half an hour to spare, Preston Park is looking particularly beautiful at present with the trees in full autumnal splendour.  This snap doesn't do them justice, but it was starting to rain so I'm afraid I wasn't going to wander round too much.  Go and see them in real life - they're so much better.
For all the rain and the fact that it was during school time the park was still being well used - radio controlled cars on one field, dogs being exercised on another, small children in the playground and one or two serious looking walkers doing at least part of the Teesdale Way.
Long may it remain so.


Orchard resident said...

The Leaflet that I was given in spring said that green waste would be collected until October. On my side of the estate (red) the last collection was the 12th. Many people believed that the 26th was still in October ! Silly them !
But, praise where it is due. The service we get from the refuse and recycling people, and even the "care for you area" people has been outstanding. I've lost count of the times my street has been swept, and the weeds in the cracks removed. I don't think that Orchard estate has ever looked so clean as it has this year. That said, most of the pavements are now covered most of the time in badly parked vans. Most streets look like a comercial car park in the evenings. Rant over.

Maureen Rigg said...

The leaflet I had showed the weeks I thought but I recycled it when the last green waste went out!
I'll pass your comments on the streets to Care For Your Area - they do the cleaning.
I agree about car parking. we need parking enforcement out on a few evenings. I'll try but no promises of a solution.