Sunday, December 05, 2010

School Update

Egglescliffe Comprehensive School is open as usual tomorrow, Monday, following satisfactory inspections of the roof and ceillings.  No excuses for staying away!
Stockton Council's website has no updated information for Durham Lane, Egglescliffe CE or The Links primaries so parents will need to wait till tomorrow to find out the situation.  Meanwhile Junction Farm Primary teachers will be posting work for pupils on the learning platform, so the time off school isn't just a holiday in the snow.

Meanwhile the forecast is for very cold weather for most of the rest of the week so there won't be significant thawing for a few days at least. 


shivbradley said...

It has been a very difficult time with school closures especially especially when you have children at JFP & Comp. I notice there has been no mention of the Asbestos found in JFP or DL. It may be in the best interest of the families attending both schools that the websites declare the discovery of this & perhaps the name of the companies repairing these buildings. Parents need more information. KS1 at JFP were due to go to The Arc Tue 7th Dec for 1pm performance of Snow Dragon & have had to cxl There are seats available at approx cost of £6. Arc no. 01642 525880 for details. Keep us updated S Bradley Yarm

orchard tax payer said...

Although by no means an expert, I worked for a company that owned at large number of industrial properties throughout the u.k. During the 1990s we were required to spend a very large amount of money and time to survey every nook and cranny of every building to identify any source of asbestos. Any asbestos found was removed only if it was safer to do so, but the presence of any asbestos was noted in the buildings ASBESTOS REGISTER and the affected areas were indicated with clear signage.
I believed (though as i said im not sure) that this was a legal requirement.
I certainly remember the administration required to safely dispose of any asbestos found.
The result of all this expensive work was that most asbestos was removed, by certified contractors, safely disposed of and air samples taken afterwards. Also afterwards as building owners we could be 100% sure that we knew of the whereabouts of ALL asbestos, and this information was freely available for future use, be it redecoration, re engineering, demolition.
I don't understand therefore, how asbestos could be reportedly "found" at these locations. Surely the headteacher would have had a record of the location of all asbestos on his/her property?
Perhaps you could explain to all the worried parents ?