Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Friends of Preston Park

Another milestone tonight in the developments around Preston Park - the protest group that developed out of the threat by the Tory/Labour coalition cabinet in Stockton Council to build a secondary school in the park transformed itself.  Protect Preston Park, having won the battles of last year, formally became Friends of Preston Park at its AGM tonight.  It was a smaller, lower key meeting than the one in All Saints Church last year which gave birth to the group but it was just as significant.  Now there's a group aiming to be a voice for the community in all the developments in the Park.
Dari Taylor had no idea what a sense of community action she was going to unleash when she wrote that fateful letter in 2009.

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Anonymous said...

Why should Ingleby kids have to be bussed off the estate when Yarm has 2 senior schools and not enough kids to fill them?
Preston Park was suggested as a venue and was a legitimate option, happily it was spared, but long term I can see no reason why Egglescliffe school shouldn't be closed down.