Sunday, May 15, 2011

Lords Reform or ....?

I've been involved in local politics for long enough to know that most people don't care about the detail of the party manifesto or the underlying philosophy of a particular party.  They do care about whether the place they live is a pleasant place or not - whether the roads are swept or the grass cut, whether the schools do a good job of educating their children, whether there are places for people to go in their leisure time, places to receive medical treatment when needed and police to prevent crime and catch criminals when needed and places to work.
So this evening I ask myself why the party seems to be placing so much emphasis on Parliamentary reform.  Having a reformed House of Lords is an aspiration, but should it be a priority in this Parliament?  Isn't it more important to ensure that necessary reform to the NHS isn't an excuse for almost destroying it? Or to make sure that necessary reform to the benefit system doesn't hit the vulnerable people who can't live without that support?  Or to fight tooth and nail for the green heart to our policies that we've always held dear?  Why is the Green Investment Bank not able to start lending now?  Why are licenses being granted for exploration for shale gas? Why is the country stumbling towards a reliance on nuclear power without making the effort to find alternative renewable sources of energy? 
For this voter at least, these are more important questions than the reform of the House of Lords which has stalled for decades and won't hurt the country irrevocably if it stalls for another handful of years.


treeclimber said...

And of course dont forget to mention fairtrade. It even sneaked onto your agenda for power sharing.
It certainly is not relevant over here in Ingleby so I dont see how it fits in with the good people of Eaglescliffe.

Maureen Rigg said...

I cannot believe that anyone can see Fairtrade as an issue that can be confined to a ward. If you believe that the electors of Ingleby Barwick don't care then you don't know them as well as you claim.
There are hundreds of people in Ingleby actively involved in supporting Fairtrade.

Anonymous said...

Now this is an interesting post. Does this mean that you agree with most of the people of Stockton that the last thing we need is for Stockton to be run by politicians? What we really need is the borough to continue to be well managed by elected representatives who care about the area they live in. People who will not waste time, energy and money debating national political issues, and concentrate on what the local people need. Most people don't care (some don't even know) which party supports their councillor, and only want their bins emptied, schools staffed etc.etc Do yourself a favour Maureen, disassociate from the liberals and stand as an independent. Let the people decide if they want a Political appointment or a truly local person who really cares for the area. My feeling is that you would be returned again with a greater majority (if possible).
Lets have SBC managed by competent and caring people, not failed politicians who have an axe to grind.
The same for the Parish council. I'm sure on the old web site it used to say that the council was a non political body, with no party representatives. Recently a parish councillor was described to me as the "labour party candidate", by another senior councillor !