Monday, May 23, 2011

Why does Great-aunt sound older than Granny to my ears?  Having become Granny for the first time almost five and a half years ago I suddenly feel a lot older this month, having gained 2 great-neices and a great-nephew in the space of a fortnight.  I've only seen photos so far as the two girls are in America and the boy is only a day old, but they all look beautiful.
Such family matters are a welcome distraction from politics and I'm enjoying them to the full.  I shall be back into the thick of things soon enough, with the Annual Meeting of Stockton Council on Wednesday and some positions still unresolved.  Meanwhile the nitty gritty work of the ward goes on.  A further part of Aislaby Rd is to be resurfaced later in the summer, good news for those who have to travel along it every day.
The issue of HGVs parking on the pavement while waiting to offload at shops is being looked into, and there are more discussions to be had on Witham House.  So life goes on!


Anonymous said...

Can I suggest you look into cars parking in the cycle lanes, about time some of them were prosecuted.

Andrew Duffell said...

@Anonymous I agree. It happens a lot on Yarm Road, forcing bikes into the road, or onto the footpath.