Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Harvest Home

A break from party politics as we try to cope with a glut of apples the like of which has never before descended on the Rigg kitchen.  Our crab apple tree fruited heavily and early so dozens of jars of chutney, pickle and jelly filled the cupboards.  Then the tree which produces multi-purpose juicy green apples also fruited heavily, rapidly followed by the trees at the allotment.  The allotment is newly acquired and has what might be the remnants of an old orchard on it.  The gales of the last two days have just about cleared the trees before we had chance to think about picking and storing.  So now we have many kilos of windfall apples.  They won't keep, the cupboards are full of jars from the early work, the freezer is filling with cooked apple in readiness for apple sauce and puddings in the winter.  We're eating baked apple, stewed apple, apple puddings of one kind and another, and still the pile seems to get no smaller.
The neighbours have all had enough apples for their needs - their own trees are also cropping heavily.  So, knowing that some local people read this blog - here's your chance to help us out.  Drop me a line and I'll deliver a bag of mixed windfall apples to your doorstep.  And I won't even ask for your vote in return!  (To the anonymous comment leaver who takes things very seriously - that is not a serious comment so please don't waste space to accuse me of trying to buy votes.)

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