Sunday, September 25, 2011

Kids Count

That's not just a statement of fact, it's the name of an organisation which aims to ensure that young people have a voice in tackling the issues and problems faced by young people.  They aren't affiliated to any one political party but attend party conferences to ensure that the young people really do have a voice.  This year at the Lib Dem conference they had two aims - to bring their organisation to our attention and to launch their campaign for safer driving.
Kids Count was described by members of its board (aged from 14 to 24) as raising the aspirations of you young people and as giving kids a platform from which to be heard.  The young people who spoke hadn't come from privileged backgrounds but spoke with clarity and confidence - a tribute to the support they'd had from the organisation.  They talked a little of their backgrounds but much more about what they thought was important in helping resolve issues.
Their campaign for safer driving is aimed particularly at younger drivers, encouraging young people to think about the effects of drink and drugs on their ability to drive safely.  They hope to roll it out nationwide in the autumn and I for one hope they succeed.

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