Thursday, January 31, 2008


Gale force winds and icy cold sleet reminded us today that winter can still have traditional weather. There's snow forecast over the next few days so the winter woollies can come out.
All the more appropriate then, that the EU has been debating global warming and in particular the sale of items such as patio heaters which are now so popular but are also very wasteful of non-renewable energy. Our local MEP, Fiona Hall, supports the idea of banning such things but I'm not so sure - as a Liberal I'm not in favour of bans unless there's no other way to resolve a problem. I'm also not sure that it's appropriate for the EU to be micro-managing things to such a degree. Better for European and national bodies to set targets and policies to achieve them and then leave it to the more local level to implement them appropriately. I'm pleased that B&Q have already decided not to sell any more. I'm sure that education is the way forward rather than banning.

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