Thursday, January 17, 2008

Recycling Hiccups

Just a slight drawback to the recent frenzy of ridding the house of the mountain of paper which has accumulated over recent years. Several carrier bags as well as the blue bag went outside on Tuesday morning ready for our ever-willing collectors. Unfortunately, one of the bags went out in error as I realised when one of the men knocked at the door to return the plastic box of money which had been at the bottom of the bag! The things he couldn't return because they'd already gone into the wagon were the important forms and accounts documentation which had been ready to go their rightful owners last night! Oops doesn't quite do justice to my reaction. I now have the job of explaining and trying to salvage what can be from the mess.
The Christmas tree was duly collected yesterday as arranged but only after the wagon had been down the road once! I'll be interested to see the report on the new system and its efficiency.

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