Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Fire Service Cuts

At tonight's council meeting the Liberal Democrats had put down a motion supporting the Fire Authority's need for proper funding. The government has changed the rules about how their funding is calculated and as a result there'll be cuts in services unless more money can be found from somewhere. Before the motion was debated there was a presentation from the Fire Service about the issues, followed by the chance to ask questions. No-one asked a question but several labour people and the Tory leader spoke in support of the service. That meant of course that they didn't have to speak in favour of our motion - such is the petty nature of some council meetings.
In the end, the motion was carried unanimously. Even the Labour group leader put his hand up when he realised that he'd be the only one not supporting it!
On the way home we were a bit surprised to find cars swerving in the road in front of us until we spotted the two-seater settee in the middle of the road, whereupon Alan also swerved and I called the police. I hope by now it's been moved. Sadly I didn't have my camera to record the surreal scene.

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