Thursday, January 17, 2008

Hindhead Open Space

Alan and I started this morning in the pouring rain at the open space between Hindhead and the end of Hazel Slade. Older teenagers have been playing some pretty rough games of football on this grass for months now and making life miserable for the residents of this little road through their rudeness and foul language. Most of us don't want the open space to disappear but we also don't want this situation to continue. The decision this morning was to have some trees planted on the space, leaving room for younger children to play but hopefully stopping the serious games which ruin garden hedges and fences as well as wearing the grass and upset the neighbours. Fingers crossed on that one.
This evening I was invited to a meeting with a Conservative MP to discuss what can be done in the next Parliamentary term over what's become known here as Garden grabbing. The local CPRE representative is hosting the meeting and I look forward to an interesting discussion. Whilst I'm unlikely to agree with many Tory policies I'd be more than delighted if they put our wishes into practice on this one.
On Saturday, while I was enjoying my grand-daughter's birthday party, stalwart Liberal Democrats were at a conference in London discussing issues which need to be covered in our manifesto for the next election. Tonight I found this interesting account of what went on in one session. I look forward to seeing the results of the deliberations. We know that the main policies will be the ones agreed by the party conference because that's how our party does things, but there's still room for a lot of influence by the new leader.

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