Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Recycle those Trees

Although the 12 days of Christmas aren't over yet I know that for many people the return to work on 2nd January signals the end of the festive season so a reminder that this year Stockton Council is trying a different system for recycling real Christmas trees - phone o1642 321959 to arrange a day for collection. The trees are chipped and composted to produce soil improver for the parks and gardens which the council looks after.
On a sadder note, we returned from an enjoyable evening with friends last night to an e-mail from a couple we know in Nairobi. They and their families in other parts of Kenya are safe at present but David wrote:"The security situation has deteriorated rapidly since the results of the general elections were announced on the 27th. What has followed is unprecendented orgy of violence, looting, destruction, killing and maiming owing to disputes in the very closely contested presidential elections. Some of the worst volence was seen in Nairobi, and Western Kenya as well as Mombasa which is where Joyce comes from, thank God her family is safe.
We have to constantly remind ourselves that we are not watching CNN or BBC World...we are caught up in this mess... sleep is disturbed by machine Gun fire, neighbourhoods don't feel safe anymore..."peace on earth to men of good will" which we just sung on Christmas...we need it !
Our country which has been hitherto been a model of democracy and a haven a of peace in a volatile region now needs all the prayers if only to get leaders soften up to each other."
Once again we were reminded of just how fortunate we are here - we may not have the best system in the world but we certainly don't have the worst. We need to make sure we don't lose those precious freedoms we have in this country.

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