Monday, July 21, 2008

Building Schools for the Future in Eaglescliffe

The long slow process of BSF grinds on, with the next stage going before Stockton Council's Cabinet tonight. Residents of Eaglescliffe will know that I'm often critical of how the council consults residents, often seeming to treat consultation very superficially. This consultation has been different. Many changes have been made to the proposals after residents across the Borough voiced their concerns, worries and objections. For Egglescliffe school the big positive is the fact that the 6th form will stay with the 11-16 section of the school, continuing that special character which is a part of an 11-18 school. The staff, parents and governors are happy about that. The other change is that the school will shrink slightly in size because the school at Ingleby Barwick will expand to reduce the number of pupils needing to travel off the estate. That will reduce the associated traffic problems. However, there are still concerns around the new site - what about the pylons at one end of the site? What will happen to the present site? It has now been identified as a potential housing site though the school and many residents think it's needed for sporting facilities. I raised this at Cabinet tonight and I've been promised a full answer on how much land is needed for playing fields, tennis courts and the like. Unfortunately, the bureaucratic process of such documents means they grind on while such questions are asked and answered.
Recycling revolution: Cabinet tonight approved the action plan for implementation of the new recycling and waste management arrangements, following the review I chaired earlie in the year. Cardboard and Plastic recycling will start with those areas which undertook the trial and then be rolled out to other areas in 2 stages, with everyone having the extra collection by October 2009. At the same time as the extra recycling is introduced the collection of side waste will cease. It will be a few days before ward councillors find out which roads will be included in each stage so if you're impatiently waiting for the cardboard to be collected please be patient for a while longer.

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