Thursday, July 03, 2008

Waiting for the Phoenix

In the week that the NHS celebrates its 60th birthday Eaglescliffe Health Centre bit the dust. The demolition squad moved in and the building is no more. Councillor Suzanne Fletcher took these photographs when out with her trusty camera looking for something else entirely.
Residents haven't been deserted by the doctors, nurses, physiotherapist, health visitor and countless other professionals who work in the centre - the temporary one is actually so nice and modern that it made the old permanent one look even more tatty! The designs for the new centre looked great on paper so I look forward to the Phoenix arising from the ashes of the old one later in the year.

Meanwhile, at a meeting of Durham Lane Primary School governors we heard a report on the progress being made in setting up integrated services for children and young people in this area which should help with ensuring that the risk of children "falling through the net" is minimised, that families in need get all the help they need when they need it and that schools get the support they need to support their pupils. It was an encouraging report even though everyone admits that there's a long road to be travelled. Meanwhile it was good to be able to offer congratulations to the school on winning the First Annual Tennis Challenge Trophy of the Tony Blair Sports Foundation. For young people who've only been playing for such a short time it was a fantastic achievement. For the community it's a great indication of what happens when a school is open enough to let in outside help to encourage a new sport. Let's hope these young people are the first of many in Eaglescliffe to take up active sport and continue to enjoy it into adult life.

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